Rapid Growth of Jet Airways India and Their Recession Tactics.

For all that has been accomplished in the short seventeen years since their beginning in 1993, Jet Airways (India) must be given full credit. Their serious approach to accomplishing their goals is shown through their mission statement as well as the long list of awards they have won. To become the top choice of airlines in their home country of India as well as working to have higher standards than any airline has been clearly stated. Going that extra step, they have totally committed to offer the highest quality of reliable operations and service. Jet Airways is committed to becoming a world class airline of choice for domestic travel in the arena of air passenger service. From what we have observed, this airline seems to be right on track to meet their goals. Different jet charter service providers have varying fleet sizes.

Because of declining global economic conditions of the last decade, all commercial airlines including Jet Airways have had to take serious measures. San Francisco California, London, Brussels and Shanghai are places where the company had to suspend flight operations. There were clear intentions to expand service destinations at the time these measures were announced. While not being placed on permanent hold, all expansion ideas were suspended indefinitely. It has been necessary to use the company assets differently which included canceling orders for new aircraft, leasing aircraft as well as other measures. JetLite Airlines, a subsidiary of Jet Airways, was formed when the company bought Air Sahara. As an alternative to expanding Jetlite, Jet Konnect was created in May 2009. The issue at heart concerned unacceptable regulatory delays incurred from the transfer of aircraft from Jet Airways to JetLite. So apparently it was easier to
simply create a new airline. Jetlite and parent company had an excellent third quarter in 2010. Of the domestic air passenger business in India, the combined operations enjoyed 26.9% of the market share. The number of passengers carried is the criteria used to arrive at that figure. That metric earned the company the distinction of being the domestic air passenger carrier market leader within India.

Like many other airline around the world, Jet Airways has had a long interest and involvement with giving back to their country.

Primarily operating in India, the airline says that they feel it is their job to do so. A new campaign titled “Yellow Rose” was released in 1998. This campaign brought about the theory that people should be treated with due care and help as a flower gardener calls for. Contributions from the company have been given to needy people ever since this marketing campaign was released. Jet Airways strongly believes that giving to individuals in the community is as important as giving to larger groups as well. {{While the international destinations have been somewhat curtailed in response to the general economic climate, Jet Airways continues to provide services to the vast majority of original locations.|Even though the international destinations have been curtailed some because of the general economic climate, Jet Airways is still providing service to the large majority of original locations.|Jet Airways still continues to offer service to big majority|of its original locations, however it has had to cut back some on international destinations due to the current economic climate.|The general economic climate has caused Jet Airways to discontinue some of its international destinations, it st

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