Random Poetry Generator

I was trolling at Heather Havrilesky’s pad — I hadn’t been there in a few months, which might have to do with her URL tinylittlepenis.com and my own insecurity, but anyway — and ran across a post with a link to a random poetry generator that uses the text from web pages to generate poems. I’d give you the specific post but she uses Blogger and her archives are buggered. If you are bored and looking to waste time, this is probably one of the better ways. I ran my page and this is what I got:

The use of closing a pretty
large fermenter could take another
form of course, and
a letter to be believed, to find
this If this one. way In ten minute visit, the
means I had arranged the threat posed
by placing nuclear weapons.
programs so not it is required to Operation Innocent
Images an
incoherent . Acidman And
our troops To our troops
would, put
posted by Robert at
the investment use the new Blogroll
also makes a drug costs,
of Saddam Hussein in
Iraq, is when President Bush, the
same time to
be used for 8 billion in
the right to allow them and the FBI A statement. Would
investigate claims that way,
the least risky ones.

This thing is like the Jackson Pollack of poetry, sort of all over the place.

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