Production of Teas

The preparation is twofold, the first, which is preliminary, being made from the homes of the producers; the second, completing the first, in the houses on the tea merchants.

This work is finished entirely by palm, the result dependant on the skill belonging to the laborer, who only acquires it after numerous practice. It is some sort of question, in fact, of a serious art carried through experienced manipulators to some perfection absolutely inimitable in addition to altogether personal. This preliminary course of action is as uses: -The gathered leaves arc subjected to a canvas mat and exposed to dry in the sun, in order to supply them a very first softening or withering. They then arc taken proper room where they undergo still further withering, heaped up from the kalei, a sort regarding frames or around trays, made of lath or maybe interlaced bamboo, placed in tiers. Poured out on the vessels called iaimco, the leaves are submitted to a third and very last softening before being heated within the pans. The softening having for its end the perfuming on the tea by the actual slight fermentation which in turn it engenders, is a fragile and important procedure, which exacts great skill of the workmen. In order to do well the a few successive operations, it is essential to observe the time taken so to keep account of it. The heating inside the pans is carried out in two manipulations. In this operations the difficulty would be to obtain the desired degree of heat. Upon leaving this pan, the tea is definitely dried in three stages inside vessels called pot/an, over a very carefully regulated fire. Such is the series of operations necessary for any preliminary preparation from the tea. They require to all, it is explained, 7 hours and also 50 minutes within spring, 5 hours as well as 54 minutes throughout summer, 7 hours in addition to 38 minutes inside autumn, and 7 time and 13 moments in winter. The essential point from the preparation of oolong tea could be to give it from the first its fragrance, afterwards its flavor and its coloring, as seen when within a state of decoction. Its appearance inside dry state will be much lets critical.

Such being the finish to attain in the preparation of Oolong tea, on one hands fastidious care is employed in withering and also drying it, and on the opposite hand a minute examination of the prepared tea is recommened. This is made by trained examiners who every planter or maybe grower engages. The proportion belonging to the weight of green tea leaves to that to which the very first stage of preparation reduces them appearing 4 to one particular, it follows that a plantation of one acre will provide about 250 pounds of the tea after the first process. This partially prepared product is known as “tea in the particular sack, ” because your producers trans- port and sell them in bags made up of about sixty pounds.

The tea service provider! of Toatutia buy through the producers the partially prepared tea, which they submit to a second and very last mode of getting ready, made in this manner: – The departs arc passed by having a coarse sieve, fanned by a fan called ifiokaiei, and permitting only the finer departs to fall by it. These arc inserted for seven or even eight hours from a properly heated furnace. The second course of action again diminishes the tea put through it, about 10% or even 15%. This work complete, the tea is placed in cases, the wood used in making these becoming yearly imported from Amoy for your purpose. The capacity of the cases is not necessarily uniform; some contain 20 or thirty catties, others seven one-half to fifteen catties. The larger size is named a “half-chest, ” the tmaller the “box. ” The eases arc covered using paper, upon which tend to be painted designs regarding birds, flowers or people and also the name of the tea merchant. After the minute stage of prep the tea is frequently called “tea in cases. ” Oolong tea holds a spot between black and teas, from which its distinguished by a notably delightful perfume and a peculiarly agiecablc flavour. It is concurrently refreshing and revitalizing.

Well known around China from antiquity, the method involving preparing Pouchong dinner was only introduced into Formosa twenty-five year* ago. Its preparation is composed in heaping up within a closed chamber Oolong tea merged with fragrant flowers which impart their particular perfume to it, then heating this mixture and afterwards obtaining the flowers. The flowers employed for this purpose arc of four different kinds, and give their names on the tea which that they perfume. Pouchong tea is wrapped in separate paper packages and used in boxes lined having zinc foil such as those containing Oolong tea as well as done up within wrappers indicating your contents; the whole is covered which has a mat of bamboo. The boxes tend to be rated at you niu (three or more. 3 ounces), at two niu or perhaps at four niu, according to the quality of the goods that they contain, although the capacity of every may be uniformly 20 cattics.

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