Presidential Politics

I would rather see the Democrats nominate a centerist with a strong foreign policy vision than Dean or Clark, who’s been entirely too goofy lately with extreme views on abortion and embarrassing appeals to the fringes of the Left.

The Iowa caucuses are a strange phenomenon and might depend as much on groundwork as opinion polls, or so I’m told. Even so, I would like to see Kerry win in Iowa and regain enough momentum to overtake Clark in New Hampshire. With his war record, somewhat moderate views and a Republican Congress I could end up happy. I would prefer Lieberman among the Democrats, but he doesn’t have a chance.

What I’m getting at is I would like to see the Democrats nominate someone who isn’t a raging protectionist (Gephardt), a raving lunatic (Dean), etc.

The fine people over at who knew? have some thoughts on Presidential politics that are subject to modification on a whim. Mine aren’t. I’m voting for Bush and hoping for the best out of the Democrats just in case he loses.

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