President Bush Can Win New York In 2004

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Giuliani: Bush Can Win New York in 2004
I’m sure Giuliani has maintained his popularity in New York and will be campaigning hard for President Bush in that state. If President Bush wins New York, it will be the first time a Republican has won New York since 1984 when Reagan drubbed Walter Mondale. It would also be devastating to Democrats because New York is a must-have state for them.

At this point it’s wishful thinking, however appealing it may be. If President Bush campaigns hard for New York and every other state, he can win. But you always have to campaign like you’re ten points behind. Haven’t I mentioned that before?

Former mayor Rudolph Giuliani urged Republicans to campaign hard in New York in 2004, arguing that President Bush has a good shot at winning the heavily Democratic state.

“New Yorkers like strong leaders,” said Giuliani, asserting that Bush fit that description. “The president has a very good chance of winning New York” next year.

Opening the Republican National Committee’s annual meeting in the city he once led, Giuliani made his case to GOP members. The prime speaking spot also gave Giuliani, who is weighing another run for political office, a chance to shine.

Four years ago, Bush basically conceded New York as Democrat Al Gore swept to victory. A Republican hasn’t won a presidential election in New York since Ronald Reagan in 1984; Democrats outnumber Republicans 5-to-3 in New York state.

The Republicans gathered in New York at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel for four days of meetings and to plan for next year’s Republican convention, which will be held at Madison Square Garden.

New York was chosen as the convention site in part to highlight Bush’s stewardship since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

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