Planning To Prevent The Last Catastrophe

It is generally around this time I always prefer to commence being prepared for festival time. I am aware that it’s still a good several months away but if I get all the neccesities taken care of now it means I will have more spending money when it does gradually come around. I still have my camping tent and sleeping bag from the last years however I still need to plan the bits and bobs. This season particularly I seriously am looking forward to the dance tent so I have been searching for rave gear.

I have been getting excited about it since last year when I went in and had a excellent time, I just desired that I had the right stuff however this year I am going to be ready and prepared so not only will I have every little thing I need to make sure the weekend is as comfortable as possible but you should be able to see me from mars when I start to dance.

Fingers crossed it will go more efficiently than my first visit to a festival quite a while ago. During the day I’d been wearing all my summer gear and out of nowhere we were subjected to the most severe storm I had seen in years. Then after jumping about around the front of the masses for a while I went along to get something to eat when I realised I’d possibly lost my wallet or a person had robbed it. Fortunately my friends helped me out but then after the day had concluded we made our way back to the tent, or should I say where the tent really should have been. Somebody had stolen it and with it everything we had in there. I actually didn’t know what to do but astonishingly some individuals who where camping all round us found out what had happened and allowed us crash around with them, they even went about with us pleading our case to everybody around and we got given enough clothes to see us through the weekend.

We made a wide range of good friends that night and we have stayed in contact with a good number of who we get together with at festivals through the summer season. This coming year though I am about to blow them away with with my rave stuff, with any luck , no person steals it all this time around.

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