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What makes a competent London Psychotherapist?

How does 1 develop a sense of specialist identity?

As a trainer of UK psychotherapists London for the last decade I have frequently asked myself the above questions, indeed I have discovered myself normally visiting entire process from novice to seasoned practitioner. I’ve felt like a pilot or helicopter rising above the “Maze” below and seeing the roots from beginning to end, a root which frequently has several twists & turns before the person works out their way by way of to the open land.

As a trainee myself in the middle 1980 I remember what it was like to enter into the “Maze” for the 1st time, to get lost and to go down a lot of false trails before discovering my way by way of to the day light.

Certainly, for me, it was a journey of several turns, frustrations, and excitements. It was a life altering journey, which saw a number of bogus dawns and dawning sunsets on the road to fulfilling my visions.

One thing which was figure for me, was that there was never one definitive “End” though a series of “Ends” and beginnings which has led me to where I am today, an knowledgeable therapist, trainer, supervisor and overall director of a well respected Psychotherapy Institute.

Inside the journey I have learnt to saviour my triumphs and look forward to evolving issues to resolve, frustrations & satisfactions that lie ahead. One truth though that I have learnt is the more of the journey that I travel down the less I seam to know!

So what make a competent therapist?

There are quite a few qualities I believe that make a successful London Psychotherapist, having said that I think the most essential is surly that you’ve an awareness of yourself, & an insight into not only your positive qualities, nevertheless also the more dark sides of your personality.

It is the courageous and compassionate you that wants to visit these dark areas with willingness for understanding, alter & acceptance if need be. The willingness to “meet” you and to integrate the numerous qualities of you’ll be of a prime significance in the understanding of the self. It is only then that you could genuinely be in a position to guide other to where they want to go in the service of healing & growth.

We want the London Psychotherapist to create a robustness which will mean that we can face not only our internal demons, but the ogres which are clients will present us with. We need to also understand to cope with our puppet masters of the past, we will need to reach out, with help, to cut the strings that bide us & to really be in control of our own destinies.

Only if we accomplish the above will we truly be able to help our shoppers, otherwise we will be like the signal man directing the tired passengers onto yet another familiar, well worn rout on they which they have so typically travelled before!

1 tip here in achieving the “Robustness” & strength you need is to dig deep into your reserves & trust the process. Something I personally located incredibly hard to do within my own journey infact it seemed like an impossibility for me to achieve in the main because I had not located the trust in myself.

Indeed it was only by learning that other folks had trust in me that I really learnt and understood, maybe for the very first time, my own vulnerabilities and fragility. It was through others belief in me that I began to really think in myself and to find my own courage to go where I needed to go.

Other important qualities which makes the effective psychotherapist London stand out from others is the quality to take risks & to persevere.

An example to illustrate this really is the following story:

Once upon a time there were two men who lived on a baron, desolate, & Cold Island, they were the only humans on the island & hence were lonely & exceptionally unhappy.

The 2 men spent most of their waking time looking out at the nearest island, across the sea. The island across the sea, seemed to them to be a “fun” island, due to the fact if they strain their eyes they could just about see the individuals on the island enjoying themselves and having fun.

The 2 men yearned to be on that island instead of their own cold, baron island. This seemed impossibility to them as they might not swim and there were no boats on their island to enable them to cross the waters. So they seemed distend to live out their existence on their desolate island.

Then one day, to their amazement, they woke up to find that the water between the 2 islands had frozen over and they could see a route across to the other island. Hardly concealing their excitement they decided, meticulously, to make their way across to the other island where they might see men and women still enjoying themselves & having fun.

But about half way across the water the ice below them began to crack and they both fell into the freezing water, they managed to climb out exhausted, though safely onto the ice which was just about held their weight.

Freezing & scared they debated with each other whether to go back or to continue across the ice to the “fun” island. One of the men decided to go back, as he was too scared to take the risk to try to get to the island. The other man decided to take the risk and with caution he began to make his way across the ice. He generally fell into the freezing water, nevertheless managed to scramble out and mark the ice with a paint marker that he happened to have with him this way he managed to find his way safely across to the island of his dreams.

After making it to the island he was greeted by friendly faces & given lots of goodies, it was a remarkable feeling & after a while he had virtually forgotten his miserable life on the other island across the ice. Occasionally though he would sit on the shores of his new island and look back over to the desolate island which used to be his home, he would think of his friend who had gone back & he thanked his lucky stars that he had somehow managed to find the courage and perseverance to have continued over the ice in the pursuit of his dreams.

This story illustrates the want for risk taking & perseverance in the pursuit of your own successes. To me these qualities will be required to become a prosperous therapist.

Turning to check out how the trainee develops a sense of specialist identity it is imperative to realize that if the trainee will not learn a sense of who they are, how can they ever really establish their own expert identity.?

The trainees professional role is shaped by a large number of features inside the process of tuition indeed over the period of tuition to be a London Psychotherapist we will have to be committed and motivated to attain our goals in addition to to be open to learn and debate. We will also need to study the capabilities needed to give us a model & structure of how to be a therapist that we want to be, however most importantly we will need to permit ourselves to be really truthful to ourselves within the complete process, & not to loose ourselves inside the therapy models and techniques, that gives us a way into understanding the many facets of the human personality.

Positively we must not forget that every new developments in psychotherapy theory or methodologies will offer the practitioner a fresh way of attempting to communicate with the rather individuals that we’re attempting to help & understand. Hence it’s the duty of every London Psychotherapist to make use of every new theory or model in the service of the client.

This for me is where the theory plus the practice meets within the spaces and moments of the human encounter between the client & therapist.

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