Oyster Crackers: Get to know more about them

Amusingly enough these Oyster Cracker Recipe things have no association with oysters. The cause behind it being named so is not identified. Could be that as it somewhat looks a lot like a bivalve . These are tiny in dimensions , served with food , mostly in the northern areas of United States. They provides these oyster crackers. Few are bought in big boxes and others in serving-packages for preserving the freshness of the same. If you have been to the cafes in US then you would have been served. Even though it is not very delicious , but acts as a catalyst in adding to the taste of the main course which has been served. This pairs well with soups which are made of sea-food and chowders. The best part is that these oyster crackers go well with oyster soups! It could be very likely that as it makes such a perfect mixture with oysters, it had been named so. Though, nothing is known for certain .

Oyster crackers are always a fun thing to eat

When seen customarily, these oyster crackers have a hexagonal shape and have a puffed appearance. Some organization which sell them make round shaped oyster crackers which looks similar to the sea creatures! These are very crunchy to have and some of them also have holes present within it which looks like quilted –pillows. Some others which are available have wavy edges. In spite of the various shapes they have, all of them of them do have a lovely yummy buttery taste. Before these crackers are served, they are topped with salt. One can find a wide array of recipes which uses these oyster crackers in many countries across the world. Even though the nativity of this has been most probably in America, but presently almost all the parts of the world enjoys this crackling recipe. It has been estimated that the source of this oyster crackers dates back to 1847 (in Trenton, New Jersey), when Adam Exton introduce this oyster crackers. In the beginning many bakers were not ready to accept this trend but later on after the good response which one baker received others also accepted the concept. There are several companies which make these oyster crackers and even sell abroad over the same to other countries. As the Oyster Cracker Snack Mix Recipe states.

While adding them with the recipes, it is normally added plainly , garnished with salt, to avert them from harmfully reacting with the mixtures of the soup or chowder. But few bakers garnish it with stuffs like thymes, spices, green-onions, turmeric, etc. The presence of these crackers adds a bit more zest to the normal soup one has. Apart from being used in soups, one can also have it as snacks, by mixing or garnishing the same with the other snacks. Few bakers serve this as a snack item as well where they coat these crackers are coated, seasoned, and baked to be served as standalone delicious crispy snacks. If you don’t want to bake them, then be sure to visit Ranch Oyster Cracker Recipe No Bake .Though most know Adam Exton to be the individual who brought out the concept of oyster crackers, there is yet another claimant (The West-Minster Cracker Company, Rutland, Vermont) who demands that they had been manufacturing these ever since 1828! The confusion continues till date.

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