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I’ve been out of the blogging loop for the past couple of days and thought I would provide a roundup of what I’ve seen since returning. This is also in keeping with my New Year’s Blogging Resolution to do more linking.

* The Winds of War is up over at Winds Of Change.
* Chris Lawrence and Kate Malcolm get into a discussion of colons in academic papers. It’s funny in a bookish sort of way. Via James Joyner, who is suspiciously quiet on the matter of colons, given that he too is an academic, or a Ph.D. anyway.
* James Joyner points to some rather extreme views held by Wesley Clark on the matter of abortion. It could be a matter of poor wording by Clark; even though he is a Rhodes Scholar, he doesn’t talk like one. I doubt it though. Just ask Chris Lawrence.

I don’t address abortion very much but it seems to me that we can establish an objective point where a baby becomes a life and has rights. Clark seems incapable of even that. His understanding of the Constitution is questionable as well.
* Steven, of PoliBlog, has the lowdown on the number of super-delegates that each Democratic candidate has secured, though their votes can change. Dean is leading in this area, as others.
* I haven’t analyzed President Bush’s new immigration proposal, but Professor Bainbridge has and is OK with it (via Steven).

I don’t get as bent out of shape as many people over immigration. We’re a nation of immigrants and that won’t change, the immigrants will just be browner. Besides, immigration will be a necessity over the next few decades to compensate for the relatively low birth rates in this country as the baby boomers retire. It will happen. The details are up for discussion, but the outcome is almost a certainty.
* Kate, of Electric Venom, has a post on the travesty that is family law in this country. She should know; she used to be in the practice. Via Hook.
* The Professor has an article on how the Middle East did not explode as a result of our war with Iraq. In fact, quite the opposite has happened when you consider Libya and Syria. Via Hook.
* Sgt. Hook has a good post on a recent change in the military: they will now wear an American flag on their uniforms at all times, not just when they are overseas. The original story is here.
* Michael Totten tells us the difference between leftists and liberals. I agree with almost all of his conclusions. That’s why I never use the term “liberal” as a pejorative term; it’s a beautiful term and is derived from the Latin word for liberty. I use “leftist” as my pejorative word of choice. Via Kris Lofgren.

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