Our Day On The Kuranda Skyrail & Scenic Train

After my dive trip plans were canceled, I signed myself up for a day trip to Kuranda, a cute village in the mountains. I took the Kuranda Skyrail to get there, which once was the longest on the planet until they built a longer one in somewhere I might recall the name of if I had been listening to the guide more closely. It was kinda scary to be hanging from one bar attached to one little high above the canopy! At this point I laughed to myself because I was supposed to be resting in bed, Never let it be said that a flu got the best of Melanie!

Oh, and a funny thing happened on the way to the Skyrail – I ran into my German friend Helen from my jackaroo week in August! We hadn’t crossed paths since Glenn Innes, so imagine how surprised we were to run across each other of all places in Cairns, and on the same tour. I joined up with her and her two guy buddies (from France) for the day of sightseeing.

Kuranda was amazing and there was quite a bit of local art and crafts and souveneir shops, plus beautiful rainforest hikes, however we only required a few hours to see all there was to see. If you wanted to explore all the treks you could use the whole day.

The highlight of the day tour was the scenic train ride back on the Kuranda Scenic Train. Incredible views! We learned a lot about its history, which I’ll not bore you with, except that it wasn’t originally built as the tourist attraction it mainly is today. The relaxing rocking of the train, with the breeze from the open window and the rainforest rolling by, was a perfect end to the day. The train even stopped for 10 minutes at the Barron Falls to let all the passengers get out, stretch their legs and take photos of the beautiful sight.

Stay tuned! Next stop, more of the Great Barrier Reef.

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