Our Coalition Of The Willing

Yahoo! News – Powell: 30 Nations in Anti-Iraq Coalition
Whatever this is, it isn’t unilateral. Even with the U.S. doing the heavy lifting militarily — which would have been the case even with all of Europe’s support — it represents a coalition of countries that object to Saddam as a tyrant and want to see him gone. Via Emily Jones.

Thirty nations have joined with the United States in a “coalition of the willing” to bring down Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and another 15 quietly have promised their support, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Tuesday.

Powell told reporters he had received assurances of open support in telephone conversations with the foreign ministers of Denmark and the Netherlands, but that Russian President Vladimir Putin had reaffirmed his opposition to war with Iraq in a telephone conversation with President Bush.

At the same time, Powell said Saddam Hussein so far had rejected Bush’s demand that he leave Iraq, but that a number of countries were still trying to persuade the Iraqi president to go into exile.

1. Afghanistan,
2. Albania,
3. Australia,
4. Azerbaijan,
5. Bulgaria,
6. Colombia,
7. Czech Republic,
8. Denmark,
9. El Salvador,
10. Eritrea,
11. Estonia,
12. Ethiopia,
13. Georgia,
14. Hungary,
15. Italy,
16. Japan (post conflict),
17. Korea,
18. Latvia,
19. Lithuania,
20. Macedonia,
21. Netherlands,
22. Nicaragua,
23. Philippines,
24. Poland,
25. Romania,
26. Slovakia,
27. Spain,
28. Turkey,
29. United Kingdom,
30. Uzbekistan

This coalition of the willing may not be as erudite as the French, but it will be effective and represents a good cross-section of the planet

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