On The Move Once Again

Don’tget closeto your neighbours because you won’t be there long.|Never had a opportunityto get to know my neighbours because we are on the move so repeatedly, I suppose it means we Whats the point in getting to know your neighbours when you move about as much as we do. We have transferred two timesper year for the recent three years. You could potentially say I ama specialistin finding property to rent because I move so often, it’s the kind of thing that someone in my business has to deal with and can’t grumble about. So I’ve taken it upon myself to be the leaderof our moves as they can be somewhattime-consuming. I find that the best way to stay tranquilis to be completelyinvolved. The more I am in control of my move, the more I can relax, knowing I havethought of everything. For example, how many boxes do I have? How many large items need to be shipped independently? How many items will be invested inwhen I arrive, and how many are to be disposed of? All these things are great ways to simplifyyour move and give less of a headacheto your whole family.

I did my moves with two little boys, twins, and they were unhappyat the possibilityof moving once more. You see, both had beganschool that year, but school friends weren’tas close as they were.

It is my opinion we as a family hit the jackpot becausethe boys always had a best friend to take with them unlike some pairs of twins, my boys are very close good buddies. This makes the move simplier and easierbecause there is less screamingand more anticipationat the idea of meeting more chums. They have always been fastat making new friendsand I think it has brought their progresson really well.

Trying to find the rightplace can always prove to be a bit difficult and with the boys being that little bit bigger and older we are thinking about keepingaway from a flat and going for a house so we have a backyardfor them to play in.

The bestsuggestion I can provide is to cramyourcar to the brimwith boxes and then jamthe gaps with loose clothing, pillows and blankets and then for everything that does not fit in that one car get a transportcompany to take it to your house, asonce you have to steera convoyall bets are off, and you’ll unsurprisinglyend your journey in divorce. When driving with this much stuff try to drive with half a tank of petrol to save heaviness. It will extendyour overallmiles per litre.It makes sense not to haula full petrol tank about with you so you can instead plan when to stop to add a bit more when your stores run low.

Now my only issueis that theboys are lookingat me in the rear view mirror whenever we are in the car. But when I look at them they are sleeping. They must be playing tricks on me this is what happens when boy get to a certain age; they start speaking Latin, Elvin or Klingon. The only trick I can’t understand is how they make their reflections disappear. Kids Huh?

Well I hope this is helpful, good luck.

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