Now We’ve Done It — The “Black Radical Congress” Is Mad At Us And Calling Us Nazis

America embraces Nazi tactics in march toward unjust war
I admit it, this is a fringe group and they have little in the way of influence, but I just couldn’t resist looking after noticing that they said we were using Nazi tactics.

I’ll even admit that I don’t support PATRIOT Act or the sequel that’s being proposed. The Constitution has taken enough of a beating due the the War On Drugs™, though some provisions such as roving wiretaps are fine with judicial oversight.

In spite of those acts, comparing us to Nazi’s is quite extraordinary. We remain the freest, most prosperous nation on earth yet there’s always some fringe element, like the Democratic Underground, that manages to get these bizaare opinions out. Read at your own risk.

The most important sections of the mainstream media in the USA continue to carry out psychological warfare against the citizens of the USA in order to mobilize them to support this military invasion at a time when millions want jobs, heat, health care, affordable medicine and decent education. The impending war in Iraq is supplemented by an accelerated war at home under the banner of Homeland Security. Africans in America have been the main victims of the oppression and war against the poor inside the USA. Millions of Blacks are in the prisons or awaiting sentencing in this war at home. In order to intensify this war at home there are advanced plans for urban warfare to supplement Homeland Security! The draconian measures being taken by the present government include the use of more sophisticated instruments of coercion and repression than was available at the time of the Nazis in Germany.

The Black Radical Congress unequivocally opposes military intervention in Iraq. The people of Iraq, especially the children, have suffered immensely since 1991. It is estimated that over half a million children have died as a result of the sanctions imposed on the people of Iraq. The war against Iraq will create more sufferings. It is up to the people of Iraq to initiate regime change.

The BRC sees this war as one component of the escalation of the hegemonistic actions of a small section of the political leadership in the USA that maintains control over the organs of state power. Unfortunately, other sections of the bourgeoisie have been silenced or are seeking to gain lucrative contracts from the implementation of Homeland Security. This obscene behavior on the part of these corporations is reminiscent of the relationship between major corporations in the USA and the fascist regime in Germany.

The BRC joins the youth, students, progressive women’s movement, the rank and file workers, the church and religious leaders, those in the environmental justice movement and ordinary citizens who are mobilizing against this war. The BRC recognizes that this is an unjust war and will be part of the national and international opposition to this war. The BRC calls on all sections of the African community at home and abroad to find ways to oppose this war. The BRC is calling upon all political leaders in the African community to support the youth who refuse to be called up to fight against the people of Iraq.

The National Members Congress of the BRC will be convened in June to consider ways of strengthening the work of the BRC in the peace and anti-globalization movement.

The current peace movement is playing an important role in delegitimizing the false patriotism that is being orchestrated by the conservative media. This peace movement is very central to the building of a new political movement in this period. One requirement is for the larger movement to begin to grasp the important interconnections between Reparations, Peace and Justice.

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