North Korea As John Kerry Sees It

Stephen Green does an excellent job of fisking an op-ed piece by John Kerry on North Korea.

Stephen is right: it’s not an op-ed piece as much as a campaign commercial, and about as truthful. He ends with a statement of dissatisfaction with Dubya, a common occurrence these days:

George W Bush, so long as he continues to spend recklessly, support the USA PATRIOT act, oppose full rights for gays, keep John Ashcroft, and enable our destroyers in Riyadh, is begging me to support a Democrat in 2004. But if today’s piece is a fair example of John Kerry’s veracity and national security policies, then Kerry isn’t the Democrat I’m looking for.

Either Joe Lieberman or Evan Bayh would be a good Democrat to replace President Bush, but Bayh isn’t running and Lieberman will never make it through the primaries: he’s too far to the right.

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