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The Post reaches a pretty astonishing conclusion in saying that the science on climate change is final, it’s not, and that we should begin limiting CO2 emissions when it won’t solve the problem — an increase in temperature — because it won’t reduce the concentration of CO2 in the air. It will only delay maximum temperature.

Again, my position is that we should do nothing until geoengineering is a part of the solution, once the problem has been confirmed.

HERE’S A RIDDLE for our times: When is a scientific fact not a scientific fact? Answer: When the fact in question concerns climate change. Over the past decade, an enormous number of scientists, ranging from those who study wildlife migration to those who measure polar ice caps, have found evidence that Earth’s climate is changing. Few now doubt either that Earth’s temperature is rising or that greenhouse gases, produced when human beings burn fossil fuel, are at least partly responsible.

While many different political, economic and indeed scientific conclusions can be drawn from these data, the fundamental principle — that the climate is changing — is not in question. Since President Bush’s election, his administration has nevertheless been engaged in a strange, Kafkaesque game in which it tries to deny that Earth’s climate is changing, while simultaneously pretending that even if it is changing, it doesn’t matter. References to climate change have been excised from Environmental Protection Agency reports. Carbon dioxide — the main greenhouse gas and the most expensive to control — has been left out of air pollution legislation. On one occasion, the EPA actually produced a climate change report, and Mr. Bush dismissed it as the work of “the bureaucracy” — never mind that it was the work of his own government.


The timing of this announcement — during the week in which the Senate began discussion of an energy bill, is also suspicious, because the Senate is expected specifically to discuss the climate change legislation proposed by Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Joseph I. Lieberman (D-Conn.), which would introduce a cap-and-trade method of controlling carbon emissions. Love it or hate it, it is time carbon emissions control received serious treatment. Bogus mumblings about science “not having proved anything” can no longer be taken seriously.

Wrong. They can be taken seriously and should.

The editorial also mentions that CO2 hasn’t been addressed because of the expense. Well, true enough. The alternatives provided are hideously expensive and extremely ineffective if your goal is to reduce global temperature. The reason this is the case is because environmentalists have ignored geoengineering and focused on the “solutions” that are most damaging to the economy.

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