No Leg Shaving Troubles


I was looking for some form of Laser Hair Removal but I could notfind a salon that carried it out itself. I was shockedand so I decided to go onto the internet and have a sneaky peak. Well I foundthis site who have contact with a wide selection of Laser Hair Removal specialistin the UK. I went on to see what was involved in the Permanent Hair Removal process and was delightedto find that they only charge you one fee and you can have it done locallyat one of their affiliatedclinics.

So off I went and discoveredthat the place I was booked into was only half an hour away in Stockport. When I got thereit was just like any other salon except that they carried out the Laser Hair Removal in clinic at the rearof the premises. All very sterileand professional, the girl who was to do the work spent a bit of time with me describing what was going to happen and how it would look for a few days after the process.

I asked her if this was a Permanent Hair Removal processand she said that some cangrow back but just to return to the salon and they would fix it totally free. So I satback and let her get on with it. I have to say that I was a bitscaredat first but after a few momentsshe asked how I was I said fine and she said ‘right let’s get the other leg now.’

I couldn’tbelieve that she had finished without me even noticing, she even done my top lip for me aswell when I asked.

I would really endorsethis to anyone, it was so quick and effortless, get yourself on to the website for a look.


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