News Conference In The Azores

Tony Blair yet again shines as a spokesman for the upcoming events. He said essentially the same thing as President Bush but said so more eloquently — surprise, surprise — and expanded on it as well. The Iraqi people will own their resources, not the coalition. Iraq will remain whole and will be democratic.

One thing President Bush said is that “tomorrow is the moment of truth”. The window for diplomacy ends tomorrow. Either the council votes on the resolution and supports it or we go to war. He didn’t say war, but that’s what he meant.

President Bush is getting angry. He’s tired of saying the same thing over and over again. Saddam will disarm. End of discussion.

UPDATE: Saddam’s useful idiot, Hans Blix, has already released a statement saying the Azores summit seem “divided”. I watched and saw no such division. What I am seeing is a bureaucrat desperately trying to justify his continued relevance. This after he failed to mention the new drones, buried in his latest report, to the UNSC.

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