New Year’s Blogging Resolutions

I have many resolutions, or goals, in mind for this year — it will be a busy year if I manage to keep them — but only two related to blogging:

1. Link to other sites more. I’ve never been a big linker — though I was among the first to display TrackBacks inline, in November 2002 — which makes it surprising that I get linked to as often as I do. One thing I’ve learned about blogging is that to be successful the general rule is to give links and you will receive links, and high quality traffic, in return.
2. Write more on public policy. It may be a bit wonkish, but exploring ideas that don’t get a lot of exposure is, drumroll please, a way to give them exposure. There are a number of ideas, such as HOT lanes, pushing the cost of spam back on senders, instant runoff voting and other ideas that would be helpful, but don’t get the coverage they need.

That’s it really. I could do like Spoons and write a number of resolutions for other bloggers, but I’ll leave that practice to him. It’s very much in keeping with his personality.

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