New sites on the web -Health related, of course

Hm, when it comes to health sites, we all know that that type of information is necessary in our everyday life. Also, people now day’s just don’t take to much time to focus on their health, it’s always something about work. But, we want to show you that their are lot’s of options for you, especially in countries where you spend your vacation, why not take a few days and solve all problems that you have?

Closer look at the whole story

One of the first sites that we will talk about Ginekolog Zagreb. Let’s see what the creator of the website, Goran, tells us about it:

“GinekologZagreb was created with one main thing in mind, to present all our visitors valuable information about gynecologists in Croatia and to show them that countries where you spend your summer time have valuable doctors where you can get professional help that will cost you less then the help you would get back in your country. As we all know, dentists are in Croatia also cheaper then in other part’s of the world, and they are competitive and good. And with this site we want to show the world that we don’t have only good dentist, but our women doctors are good too. But this is just the first site, let’s continue with the rest of the PR for now :)”

Thank you Goran. After a short look at the site we found out that it’s full of valuable content already and that’s something that every visitor will value.. The next site is Urolog Zagreb and it features a direct opposite of the first site. The first site is regarding to women problems, but this site is regarding to only male problems. Goran, what can you tell us about the next site?

“Well, it’s not only for male problems πŸ™‚ The site is regarding to all the problems that urologist handle, and believe it or not, there are some women that go to visit an urologist :). But let’s get back to the site, the site, as you already mentioned it, UrologZagreb is a site that delivers content for the urology part of our health world. It features a good list of urologist in Croatia and also some good content that could visitors read before they decide which Urologist is the best for them.”

Beh, every males worst nightmare probably. The site features a clean look that we found appealing and good looking. The website has already some good content. The owner also told us that there will be some reviews on it in few days. The third and the last site is about chiropractic. With a similar name as }the last two sites|the last websites} – kiropraktika Zagreb. Again with the simple layout we got a clean look with also lot’s of content and great information. Let’s get back to Goran.

“The site that you mentioned is indeed the last one in the line when it comes to health problems in Croatia, it features a great layout with a really clean look and lot’s of content that visitors can use for their everyday search for chiropractics in Croatia. When it comes to the best of the best, you will probably see them on the site in some short while πŸ™‚ But until then, feel free to read the quality content that is featured in the articles that we put up for the opening of the site ;)”

Seems that this is it, thank you for your time Goran and we hope to see some new additions to your internet portfolio!

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