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I haven’t done this in a while. When I find a site I like I usually just blogroll it and move on. Lately, though, I’ve added several new sites and thought I would say a word or two about them:

* Page 3 Girls: I added this to spice up the old blogroll, and if that doesn’t do it, nothing will. There isn’t one post on that page that doesn’t contain nudity. You’ll notice that I put NSFW — Not Safe For Work — in the title. Please believe me when I say that. Having said that, if cheesecake is your thing that blog should do it.
* Serenity’s Journal: Her blog is part politics, part cats and anything else she chooses to muse about. She has libertarian / conservative political leanings and is fun to read.
* Social Reject: In her own words — I am 30-ish, cat lover, pro-choice and anti-religion (which makes me AGNOSTIC and NOT ATHEIST, k?). I speak my mind and I don’t care whom I offend while doing so. If you ask my opinion, I will give it with brutal honesty. I don’t like whiners, snivelers, conservatives, fundies or militant pro-lifers. Most of all, I REALLY, REALLY hate morons.

What’s not to love? She doesn’t really jibe with my views, but she is offering three hummers to her 1500th visitor.

UPDATE: I was also attracted by the eyes in the picture on the site. No, this isn’t a cheap attempt at those hummers.
* Sketches of Strain: I’m on a cat roll here. David just moved to MT and I’m not sure where his archives are. I do know he’s enjoyed watching the whole Acidman soap opera play out and that he liked my post on gay Republicans. He, mistakenly, thought of me as a conservative and was surprised to read a post from a “conservative” that would strongly advocate for the protection of the rights of homosexuals. I was equally surprised to not get admonished over my support for the SCOTUS decision that supported the Boy Scouts’ right to exclude gays. He has a voice and I want to hear it, particularly if it doesn’t tow the left-wing line.

Well, it’s an eclectic few additions to the blogroll. Hint to all of the above: if you wish to actually be SEEN on my blogroll you must ping See the note to the right above the blogroll.

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