My New Colleagues Are So Much Nicer

I am one of the few people who can say that they really enjoy their job. That has not necessarily been true though and previous workplace was starting to end up like the job from hell for me because of my manager having problems with me from the first day I commenced doing work there. I do not know what his problem was with me as I was very good at my job, was never late and did not generate any issues but he constantly seemed to be picking on me.

I had begun to drop some weight and was even feeling unwell as a result of all the tension caused by it all.. There were occasions when I was hoping I could just call in sick and not bother going in at all but I knew that if I did he would basically make a big problem out of it. It was only when I was speaking to a mate of mine that explained I didn’t need to settle for this and we went on-line and analyzed Workplace Bullying and then Workplace Discrimination and I felt a great amount better about my predicament.

When I spoke to the right people the next day they were amazed with how I had conducted myself throughout the tribulation and where shocked that my bosses had not acted when I had spoken up about it months earlier . After a few more incidents the organization that I was being employed by were informed that I would be leaving and trying to get a payment package deal due to the treatment that I had suffered while working there. There was a bit of legal toing and froing but I ended up getting what I was searching for and that let me to take the time to uncover the right job for me.

I’ve been in this newest job now for a couple of months and I get on genuinely well with my co-workers and managers and this has truly made it easier for my work, there is also talk of moving on through the organization as they have been so amazed with my advancement. We all go out on regular nights out and that has really helped build a fantastic relationship between us and in contrast to my last job it couldn’t be more diverse.

I shudder to consider whether I’d still be in the same place if my best mate hadn’t came round and talked me into doing something concerning the awful predicament.

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