My Life Changing Discovery While Ill

There I was totally bored out of my head.. I was sitting in hospital with both my legs in plaster following some maniac in a vehicle utilised me for target practice and belted me off of my mtb. Every single game I owned plus lots of games that my buddies and family brought up for me, had been played back to back. Great games but I soon finished them…I mean what else was there to complete in that spot.

Then certainly one of my buds turns up and hands me a bit of paper using a web web site address on it. “Go there,” he says “Man it is the best I’ve seen in yonks.” Then he scoffs my grapes and shoots off to watch the match. I was hacked off I can let you know. But I had a look at the internet web page anyway. It was a website packed full of free online games and I have been on it ever due to the fact…it was a real sanity saver.
I was in a position to enjoy a game just after game from just about…no…from just about every genre within the book. I could shoot, run, believe difficult and the truth is maintain the old grey matter from stagnating. There was action, arcade, puzzle you name it and there it was…even Mario was in on the act…excellent.

When I was finally let out I nonetheless hadn’t performed all that was on provide. So as I went back to perform in those quiet and slack time periods that we all must endure…in particular when the boss was out…on with the games. Best of all they preserve the offerings fresh and updated, so the boredom factor that so many of these web sites produce is absent…terrific stuff.
So imagine my surprise when I get a message that one more mate of mine has been laid up long-term soon after a nasty tackle which popped his knee. I knew that Scruff was as keen a gamer as me so I dropped in to see him, clutching the web address in my clammy fingers.

I was just about to supply him my grape substitute when he smiles and says “have you observed the Black Penguin totally free game site?”
“Yes” I mentioned. “Great stuff ain’t it?” “Yes” says I again. “Oh any fruit and such?” he asks.
“No.” I says. He looked at me as if I had walked something nasty into his shag pile and returned to chasing bad guys about a city.

I couldn’t get into work quick enough the next day to play a few cheeky games before the start of business. My boss comes in and sees me at my desk…suprised he is due to the fact I am not merely in on time…but prior to him. He asks what I’m undertaking and gives me a telling off. Later I pass his door and there he is…on my net internet site and actively playing my games the sod.

Still what can you do? Suitable so there we have it, that is my story and as a parting gift I offer you this…fight the boredom go to see the magic penguin and play all of his games…free of charge.

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