Music Business and Music Marketing

Marketing your songs online has been there for a long time now. Musicians from mainstream to independent can sell and market their music online. The online world is growing and contains an enormous array of listeners you might never reach without. Therefore, if you wish to enter the limelight and earn some dough, the web can fulfill that dream. The online world offers video sharing sites, social networking websites and music online retailers making it an entire package in marketing your songs. The net is made for overnight sensations but those ‘overnight sensations’ waited patiently for their time to come.

Getting started:

To get going inside your music marketing, you have to construct your website first. It can be a regular site or a blog site whichever feels like a fit. You need a central hub to send all of your fans, should it be a YouTube account, twitter, Facebook, tumblr… etc but a proper website is most effective (easier to recall.) Your site is going to be useful in letting them know what your current activities, gig schedules and dates of release of a new songs or albums. This helps your brand-new followers listen to you live or download your music.The next step after making your fresh new website (or any other central hub), now it’s time for traffic. The best way to do it is to use social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. This is how everything starts, your journey begins here. You can also post links of your website, videos and updates in what is happening in your life as a musician. Never forget the golden rule about social marketing; it takes merely a small number of viewers to help make your stuff go virus-like. Get friends and relations to check it out and that might get the ball rolling.

Of course, for your music to be more visible to the online community, you must optimize your videos that contain your music for search engines like google and yahoo. It is possible to fully utilize this through the use of YouTube. This can be a perfect way to show up on the first page of search engines like Google and Yahoo instantly.Additionally, do not forget to make a sale. You must put your songs online to websites like eMusic, Spotify, iTunes and Rhapsody. Sadly though, getting your music on a good site could be a lot harder then social networking. You have to obtain a distributor that can handle that part since most of the popular online music stores do not immediately deal with musicians unless they are a major player in the market. Two good suggestions of these distributors are CDBaby and Tunecore.Online music marketing is a task that is challenging to follow without proper understanding at hand. I’m only providing you with some pointers its now your job to successfully perform the job.However, that believed mustn’t discourage you. The benefits of advertising will take time and patience, whatever you are selling, it still follows that principle.

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