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CNN.com – Mobile numbers to be added to 411 – Mar. 19, 2003
I don’t even have a land line and probably never will again. One of the beauties of having only a cell phone is that it isn’t within reach of telemarketers. They will supposedly keep the list out of their hands.

With a cell phone as my only phone I have to give it out for certain things and it has made it to a couple of telemarketers. I simply don’t answer calls with a blocked number. I started that about three months ago and my already low amount of junk calls has dropped to near zero.

Looking for a friend but don’t have her phone number with you? For now, you can call directory assistance for her home number, but her wireless digits are off limits from 411.

That’s about to change, however. After years of hesitation, cellular providers are getting close to making wireless numbers available to 411 callers.

Although the information service probably won’t be available until next year at the earliest, some details already are clear.

The centralized database of wireless numbers would be off limits to telemarketers, and consumers would be able to choose whether to have their numbers listed or unlisted, according to people familiar with the process.

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