Mark Twain On Europe

The Transplanted Texan
Yep, nothing new under the sun. Hating Europe – and being hated by her – is as old as our country. It’s a tradition dating back through P.J. O’Rourke all the way back to Mark Twain, at least.

Are we indeed going to lose Spain’s respect? Is there no way to avoid this calamity – or this compliment? Are we going to lose her respect because we have made a promise in our ultimatum which she thinks we shall break? And meantime is she trying to recall some promise of her own which she has kept?

Is the Professional Official Fibber of Europe really troubled with our morals? Dear Parisian friend, are you taking seriously the daily remark of the newspaper and the orater about “this noble nation with an illustrious history”? That is mere kindness, mere charity for a people in temporary hard luck. The newspaper and the orator do not mean it. They wink when they say it.


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