Mailing Wonderful Memories

I’ve already been traveling Asia for a couple of months now and was fed up of looking to uncover postcards then determine exactly what postage stamps to buy and posting them all off. The majority of the postcards were rubbish anyway which is why I thought i would discover a way to make all the amazing pictures I was taking along the way into postcards. I searched about on the internet at an internet cafe that I knew about and very quickly I’d discovered a great site by simply browsing at send online postcards.

I thought it could have been a good deal harder but it appeared quite effortless. Like I mentioned I had been taking some very good images on the way and thought it might make more sense delivering photos of me around these famous landmarks instead of monotonous generic images.

Just after heading back to the hotel I got my camera and made my way back before uploading and getting hard to work. I then needed to get on the highway because we were going on a trail that took days to get its location. We would be backpacking through thick rainforest like landscape and let me tell you, it was difficult. Along the way I stopped and got one of many guides to take my picture around a waterfall, it was a great spot. He took my picture and then told me a spider the size of a bowl was on my shoulder, he then took more images of me as I flapped and dived into the water. He didnt let me know that the spider had not been toxic but, when I regained my composure, the pictures where wonderful.

When I finally got back to a city I had a heap of emails telling me how fantastic the postcards where therefore i decided that I should send my ‘Spider Man’ picture next, regrettably I couldn’t remember what internet site it was so I hunted about again for online postcard but eventually got it.

Every person cherished the images and it made a real change from the usual junk that you have to deal with, I felt it gave it a real personal edge so I sent the link through to as much people as I knew therefore I might with any luck , get a few myself.

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