Lomborg Vindicated — Danish Research Agency Receives Comeuppance

In early January I posted on an allegation that Bjorn Lomborg, of The Skeptical Environmentalist fame, had been accused of “scientific dishonesty” by the Danish Research Agency. Though he never strayed from his field, statistics, he was accused of being highly selective in his choice of data, reaching conclusions that were outside his field and the like. In the story I read, no evidence was offered, making the claim look specious.

Well, it turns out I was right. The Danish Research Agency, or more accurately a single rabid environmentalist named Jeff Harvey was behind the attack on Lomborg. Reason’s Ronald Bailey has looked into the affair and found Harvey’s criticism to be, well, flawed. Perhaps even “scientifically dishonest”. Bailey provides numerous links including a refutation of the DRA finding published by the Institute For Liberal Values of New Zealand and a breakdown of the lynching by the American Enterprise Institute.

Not surprising since many environmentalists stopped being scientists years ago and instead embraced environmentalism as a religion.

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