Light Blogging

I’m a bit overwhelmed with work these days, to put it mildly, and blogging will probably not be regular. I don’t know. I might blog a little just for a break but I expect to have to work straight through the weekend. If I stick to this and you notice comments closing on posts while they’re still on the main page, it’s because they are more than seven days old. We’ll see how work goes.

In the mean time, a couple of suggested reads that I link too infrequently:

* Obsidian Wings and their terrific mascot.
* The fine folks at Who Knew? are always interesting.
* Jeff at Protein Wisdom who finds there’s a probablity he’ll be going to hell, yet takes comfort in the fact that “it’s dry heat”.
* db too is always interesting, especially if you are interested in medicine, the politics of medicine and existentialism.
* Lynne Kiesling is always good if you like economics and feel like hearing about gas prices. They’re not that high if you consider inflation. Last I heard, they’d have to approach three dollars a gallon to reach an actual record.
* Dave at Fotoslop has fun with pictures and provides political commentary.
* Finally there’s Catallarchy, another economics blog with a great deal of insight and an Austrian tilt.

I’ll blog when I can, but will probably be pushing this post back to the top when I do for the next several days.

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