Learning to scuba dive in Cairns

I’ve wanted to learn to scuba dive my entire life. And with a holiday fast coming in Cairns Australia I thought I’d better get to it.

I telephoned the local dive shops and they made it all sound so difficult and dire as well as being not cheap. So a little disappointed I did a search on for “Scuba Diving in Cairns ” . And what a great move that was. I was given literally hundreds of options of Cairns dive schools and local booking agents only too happy to help me learn to scuba dive.

After sending out lots of emails with heaps of questions I was relieved to find out that it wasn’t as scary, confusing or expensive as I’d antecedently discovered. Basically in Cairns you can do a dive course in four, five or six days. Four days is the mimimum required to get your PADI credential. A PADI certification is the worlds largest and most recognized.The five and six day courses give you more scuba dives and you get to stay overnight on the Cairns Great Barrier Reef.

After a some decision making I decided to do a 5 day overnight dive course. Fistly I had to get a dive medical exam done. Now this shouldn’t worry anyone who is basically fit and healthy. If you have no major illnesses or lung related problems you should be OK. The largest issue is bronchial asthma I beleive.

The first 2 days are spent in the Pool and schoolroom. This is when you learn the theory behind scuba diving and some basic skills. The hardest part about this was having to tread water for 15 minutes. And rather unfairly the chubbiest people float better than the trim ones. Those wines after work daily finally have helped me.

On day three you leave for the great barrier reef. You are taken out to your boat at the reef by a transfer boat full of daytrippers, but as soon as you get there they get you into the water. You start your training dives immediately. The first four dives are part of your course, where you learn a few more skills. After that you get to do six more dives with no lessons included. You are now a certified scuba diver. And I got to do it on the Great Barrier Reef, not in some brown muddy city water.

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