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I’m feeling too burned out to blog in my usual manner because that involves writing and actual thought — I can already hear the groans from opponents, so save them. Work has been a bear and I have a fancy to-do to attend tomorrow, which I’ll blog about. It might only be of interest to Mississippians. In the mean time:

* Kate, of Electric Venom, has the scoop on a brilliant, if obsessive, practical joke.
* Sgt. Hook’s bullshit sensor has been activated by charges against some American soldiers in Iraq.
* Lynne Kiesling, of Knowledge Problem, has a post on competition in the electricity market — it’s not just confined to price — and another post on hybrid SUVs that will be heading our way. Somehow, I still think environmentalists will disapprove.
* Cato The Youngest comments on a column by Charles Krauthammer explaining why we are indeed safer because of Saddam’s capture.
* Unlike me, Geoffrey is none too happy with President Bush’s immigration proposal. He seems to be concerned with the rule of law — if you enter this country illegally you are, in fact, a criminal. I wouldn’t argue that point, I just consider immigration desirable and necessary. As for the details, I’ll leave that for others to argue about. I do favor having everybody speak English, however. It’s the very least you can do if you want to live here for a lengthy duration or become a citizen.
* Spoons is getting back in the swing of things with a post on a Chicago-area resident who’s being prosecuted for defending himself and his family from an intruder with a handgun. A handgun. The horror.

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