Kerry’s Secret Weapon

Kerry Secret Policy Weapon Will Finish Bush Off
Given that the US needs roughly 100 quadrillion BTUs to run its economy, and only 6% come from renewables, it will be decades before we have eliminated hydrocarbons as a source of fuel. Even then it’s unlikely given the abundance of coal in this country.

I doubt this will turn out to be the winning election issue that these people think it will be. Kerry won’t be able to offer any specifics — the technologies that do exist are not economical without heavy subsidies, making them still uneconomical, their inefficiency disguised by subsidies. Once a disruptive technology comes along that’s economical, I’ll jump for joy. In the mean time the best approach is to push the cost of pollution back on the producers.

No one believes for a second we can bomb the Middle East into peacefulness.  Everyone knows the only way to actually secure peace in the Middle East – indeed, to make the whole region powerless and irrelevant – is to get us free of our dependence on their oil.

Every respectable economist knows that in order for any economic entity to grow – be it a company or a nation – you don’t just need a bunch of money sitting in the company’s coffers but new directions of potential growth to take the company, or nation.

And people know that small measures of slightly reducing corporate pollution will not achieve enough to truly make the air, even in our biggest cities, clean as it is in the mountains and countryside.  Only elimination of the burning of fossil fuels, by power plants, cars, and all sources, will accomplish something tangible to all.  Picturing a clogged freeway with no smoke being created would be an astonishing image to all Americans.

When John Kerry launched his campaign a year ago December, he proposed first and foremost make a “space race-like” charge toward alternative energy.  And when he breaks out this plan during the general election, it will be clear to the American people that this indeed is the only way to really deal usefully with the Middle East problem, a true way to expand our economy, taking it boldly in a new, extremely profitable direction (just think all the wealth of the Middle East suddenly headed our way instead,) and, at the same time, a realistic plan to actually take not just some bits but the majority of the pollution out of our air.

And even more, there is absolutely no downside to Kerry’s plan.

In fact, not following Kerry’s plan has a massive downside besides not accomplishing what is laid out above:  the European Union has already launched a multi-hundred million dollar, aggressive campaign to develop alternative energy technologies.  They know that whoever leads the way toward alternative energy technology will lead the economy of the future.  And if the EU gets there first, they can eclipse America economically and tip the balance of power scales in their direction to at least level out the playing field with the US, if not move themselves ahead.

Be it solar cells, hydrogen technology, efficient wind technology, whoever develops useable, affordable products first will become the energy broker to the world.

Actually, there is a heavy downside to Kerry’s plan: these technologies don’t exist yet in an economical form. Overcome that and we’ll have a winner.

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