James G. Gross – Resume

Como Estas! I am one of the staff organizers of CabalArticles, a worldwide Internet content writing collective. We can post in Spanish and English for international web visitors, and are at your disposal for blog post development for your web-site. Down the page you can read my CV, and you should be able to see other staff organizers and team members’ resumes on this web page. At the end of my CV, you’ll see some good examples of our published works. For employment requests, please reach us using the contactform on this website and one of us will follow up as soon as can be.

James G. Gross
3495 Stoney Lonesome Road
Scranton, PA

Summary of Qualifications

Graduated With Special Honors from Syracuse University

10 years of article writing experience (explicitly for Electronic visitors)

Great fluency in English

Dedicated, group-oriented employee with a talent for details

Business Expertise

CabalArticles, New York City, NY

2001 – Present

Crew Organizer

Responsible for planning a global workforce of freelance writers to fit a challenging set of growth goals and objectives.

– Set records for efficiency, boosting output by 20% globally

– Correctly kept continuous records of job distribution

– Cared for QC for world production over a sizable workforce of freelance writers

Additional Skills

Competent in English

Sophisticated proficiency using a extensive choice of office software programs

Samples of Published Posts