Jailbreaking, But Not In A Bad Way

I have had some technical dilemas of late so I regrettably missed your blog last night, but I am back now. My brother was tweeting away like mad last night about his newest position in the Black Ops game, but he is talking it out of his ass. I was well above that creep; he could not hit a wall that way he shoots. Anyway he discovered this site and passed it on to me and from me to you and from you to the world! My brother is horrific at playing games, he misses more than he hits and I am better at it than him.I had a good look at it and it just what I have been looking for…for all time man. The PS3 jailbreak and how to jailbreak PS3 is awesome. No man I mean it it’s the best I’ve seen for ages and as my Brit mates say ’It does what it says on the tin.’ If you want to know how to jailbreak PS3 then log on and look under PS3 jailbreak for the process you need to follow.

I had been a bit suspicious at first about how my brother seemed to know abot all these diverse games and it was only through my sneakiness in checking his computer when he was out that I was able to corner him. He had only got onto this site and opened up games like you would not believe. No wonder he is not sleeping he has just about every game that you can imagine at his touch. It is easy to use and as the name tells you PS3 jailbreak and next along is how to jailbreak PS3, I had a good look at the ‘hows and the wherefores’ to see how he did it.

Easy he just used the site like it says, followed the commands, so easy even he managed it, and went into the world of games. He actually managed to unlock his PS3, he usually can’t even unlock the front door, and he was in geek heaven. He likes the girly games, says that the shooters give him the willies…I think he’s had some of them before, if you catch my drift. I was so up I wakened the little mug to get him to burst on how he found it and more to the point why he was keeping it a secret from me.

Took a bit of nipple squeezing but he finally told me that all of his friends at school had been using this for months. Ages and he hadn’t told me his own blood that it was out there…extra hard squeeze for that one! So I rely on you to pass this on to all of the guys…I would but I am going to be far too busy playing all of the stuff I have missed because I could not afford it…a bit of ‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of Rum’ going on here…know what I mean?

So there you have it…get on with it and then get on with it!

It is always worth investigating your siblings, it can be well worth it sometimes.

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