Informal Boycott Of German Goods

Originally posted on September 29th, 2002, this post has gotten a lot of attention lately on my site and I thought I would revive it.

Schroder’s anti-war rhetoric hits German exports to America
It’s worth remembering we’re not a bunch of barefoot stumpjumpers over here. We have internet access. CEO’s of American companies have internet access as well. When a German politician gets elected using anti-American rhetoric on an issue many of us consider important, we will hear about it and we can hardly be blamed for not wanting to buy German goods.

Global capitalism aside, corporations are run by people and some of them might just love their country enough to look for alternative suppliers when practical.

German exports to America are being affected by consumer anger over Chancellor Gerhard Schroder’s vehement opposition to US policy on Iraq, business leaders admitted last week.

Ludolf von Wartenberg, the director of the German Federation of Industry, said that German firms in America already faced the first signs of a boycott following weeks of anti-war rhetoric during the run-up to last weekend’s election.

Mr von Wartenburg said that public contracts for German firms in America had already been affected.

Projects involving German building companies and deals over the supply of German medical equipment to the US had been hit. “There have been the first signals and the first cancellations,” he said.

“If the political establishment in the United States views Germany as an unreliable partner, then this will affect the attitude of American business towards its German counterpart,” he added.

Read the rest of the article to see how the American people are doing a bit of boycotting of their own.

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