Info on the Sony VAIO Z Series

The ultraportable part of the Sony VAIO laptop is skin-deep: This 0.7-inchthick, 2.6-pound laptop has features you’d look forward to finding on a much bigger laptop.

There’s a 13.1-inch LED (lightemitting diode)-backlit display that supports a 60 minute,600 x 900 resolution. The Intel Core i5-2410M processor has a 2.3GHz base clock, but Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology raises the clock speed to nearly 2.9GHz when running demanding applications, and 4-way processing makes multitasking easy on this Sony VAIO.

Internet connected computers features 4GB of DDR3 (double-data-rate 3) system memory; a 128GB solid-state drive for storing your applications, files, and media; and Intel’s HD Graphics 3000 graphics processor, which handles HD video and lightweight gaming applications. This laptop also carries a built-in HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output port, in order to connect it to a HDTV to discuss your videos, music, and photos with everybody in the room.

More features add some exclusive Power Media Dock, which is another slot-loading optical drive that includes AMD’s Radeon HD 6650M graphics processor for improved HD video playback and gaming performance; another HDMI output; a VGA (Video Graphics Array) output; Ethernet port; and USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. The VAIO boasts 802.11n Wi-Fi, a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth, as well as a built-in Web cam.

Tech Tips
The Sony VAIO Z Series offers several convenient features and runs Microsoft’s Windows 7 Professional, that will interest business users and advanced home users.

• Windows 7 Professional supports Microsoft windows xp mode, which helps you to run business applications which could not be works with the newer computer.
• Backing increase your technique is easy in all versions of Win7, though the Professional version enables users to back the device up on a property or business network.
• With having access to an onboard HDMI port, ensure you get a spare HDMI cable to help you simply expand your approach to an HDTV, whenever and wherever you are.

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