Info on Apple MacBook Air

Mobility is king with all the MacBook Air, nevertheless overall performance measures a really near 2nd. This amazing MacBook Air posseses an 11.6-inch LED (light-emitting diode)- backlit screen that supports single,366 x 768 resolution. At 0.7 inches thick and simply 2.4 pounds, it’s among the slimmest and also lightest notebook computers you’ll ever use. Peel back that thin light weight aluminum shell and you’ll find a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 4-way computing and Turbo Boost technology, gives the system a supplementary speed boost whenever you actually need it.

This amazing unit great features 4GB of DDR3 (double-data-rate 3) memories and 128GB of flash storage for music file, pics, files, and apps. Intel’s included High definition 3000 sharp graphics processer deals with movie processing plus some light egaming. A good Thunderbolt port and a couple USB 2.0 ports stand in for data transferring tasks and connecting peripherals. Additional features from the MacBook Air provide an built-in The face-time cameras and omnidirectional mic; 802.11n Wi-Fi; and Apple’s software suite that is made of iLife, i-tunes, Face time, Photograph Booth, plus much more.

Tech Tips
The MacBook Air arrives pre installed with Mac Os X Lion, that is fundamentally different from Windows os. But don’t fret: Apple’s Operating-system X was designed to become friendly and excitement to work with.

• The 128GB flash-based storage drive may be smaller compared to you’re accustomed to seeing, even in notebooks, but this solid-state drive lets the MacBook Air boot, load apps, and move files incredibly quickly.
• The battery inside the MacBook Air is non-user-replaceable, in like manner make certain it lasts quite a while, avoid completely draining it and produce a routine of partially draining and fully recharging the battery regularly.
• To maintain its svelte profile, the MacBook Air lacks an optical drive. Remedy by using the MacBook Air SuperDrive ($79), an outside USB-based optical drive that lets the MacBook Air read DVDs and CDs.

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