Individuals make competitors much more than ever: a property, a bar and now … a supermarket

– Drowned in debt, a lady giving away her property.
– The draw will take place prior to a notary on 7 July.

She would never ever thought that she had to sold her business. But drowning in debt and desperate, Amaya Alonso d discover one more resolution to address the mortgage supermarket runs in the Granada town of Almuñécar. “This will be the last trick I’ve left to play,” stated Amaya, who was inspired by a similar experiment carried out at a bar in Cuenca

4 years ago this Bilbao based in Madrid decided to turn around his life. “I was very overwhelmed and my sister, who lived in Almuñecar, encouraged me to move,” he explains. Amaya left her job within the Spanish capital and identified a new job in this coastal town, where shortly following install your supermarket, K’Amaya.

But the crisis soon make a dent in the business and last year decided to put it on sale in some 50 genuine estate along the coast. “I have not had a single call. The banks will not give cash and people can not get into something,” he laments.

“I came to Madrid to have quality of life in this village, but I live stressed thinking about bills,” he says. Determined to end this circumstance, Amaya has been on sale for 100 euros 6000 ballot that could be bought inside the establishment and via the internet you might have developed. “The telephone keeps ringing although I’m attending at the store,” he says

Sorteos are frequent and widely use in Spain for selling inexpensive goods, but lately during the crisis we have seen a lot of people trying to sell properties or luxury items through concursos gratis.

The draw will take notarized on July 7, though this demands the sale of all ballots. “If I have not sold out, would be extended one more six months. After which if not achieved, the dollars would be returned to all participants,” explains the owner of the organization.

The figure obtained from the full sale of the ballots will probably be divided into two parts: about 400,000 is earmarked to pay the mortgage enterprise and more than 200,000 will go to Finance and State Lotteries, reveals.

But Amaya was not overwhelmed by the future “while not getting the mortgage.” “A small job at the least I get, I’m content with small. But I won’t be autonomous,” she concludes.

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