In The Mean Time

Darmon has a couple of good posts that are certainly worth your time (see here and here).

Also, the WaPo has an editorial that suggests that we defer to the Iraqis on our troop movements once the handover is complete. Not a good idea. Better to allow the troops to disengage, create bases out of the major population centers for their own protection and then allow the new Iraqi government to veto proposed operations. That’s it.

UPDATE: NRO has a good article on the nuclear bunker busters that are being researched – we already have them but they are of limited use. The more advanced ones would be able to go through hardened underground bunkers where enemy research and military command facilities are housed. If we ever use nuclear weapons again – unless fired upon, of course – these are the ones we would use. Kerry’s against them, Bush is for them.

This is another reason we’ll never ratify the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, though we are in voluntary compliance with it now. If Bush wins again, expect the left to come after him hammer and tong when he ends our voluntary nuclear test ban, in spite of the fact that the treaty hasn’t been ratified. More “unilateralism” on the part of the Bush Administration.

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