Immigration Attorneys – What are They Fantastic for?

When I checked my inbox this morning I discovered an exceptionally critical electronic mail from an organization of scottsdale attorneys which I belong to.

In truth, this electronic mail is so crucial to my capability to practice immigration law that I forwarded it to all of my workers, saved it in our firm’s electronic handle book, and printed it for inclusion inside the binder that sits on my desk right by my telephone.

Nevertheless, the reality is that this electronic mail can make me really feel like I’m a silent companion within a bit of a deception getting perpetrated on the public by CIC. Allow me make clear.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada obviously requires fantastic public pride inside the level of data and sources it supplies towards the public as a result of its site and phone centre. CIC boasts that “All the types and data that you simply really need to apply to get a visa are available free of charge on this web site.”

Consequently, it is no wonder that within the website’s FAQ, the solution towards the question: “Do I need to have an immigration representative to assist me apply?” is often a “no.”

The public is told that “The Government of Canada treats all people equally, regardless of whether they use a representative or not.”

Will your situation be processed much more easily should you employ a representative? CIC advises that “If you decide on to retain the services of a representative, your application won’t be given extraordinary attention from the immigration officer.”

Is this genuinely true? Is all the details you will need actually in existence? Do you need a attorney? Would it make any big difference in case you have a single? Put yet another way: are those who are working with lawyers and consultants to handle their immigration programs just throwing away their funds?

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