I Suspect The Monsters Of Fallujah Will Regret Having Ever Messed With Us

Troops Wait Eagerly to Reenter Fallouja
That is, if the 1st Marine Expeditionary force has anything to say about it. When it first happened I was angry and ready for a swift response. Now I think a deliberate approach is the way to go and it’s a good thing the military commanders are smarter and more seasoned than I am. There probably wouldn’t be much of Fallujah left if I had been in charge and had acted on instinct.

On the outskirts of this hostile city Friday night, battalions from the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force set up checkpoints and camps in preparation for their eventual return.

As they braced for one of the season’s first blistering sandstorms, some Marines also geared for battle, saying they were eager to avenge Wednesday’s brutal killings of four American security contractors.

“I’ve got a lot of hate inside me, but I try to put that aside,” said Sgt. Eric Nordwig, 29, of Riverside, a veteran of the battle that toppled Saddam Hussein. “We just sit and take it and be mortared.”

The time has come to “clean up the town,” he said.

Marine officials have insisted that any military strike would be “precise” and “overwhelming.”

Col. J.C. Coleman, chief of staff for the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, said this morning that Fallouja was key to stabilizing central Iraq.

“Fallouja is a barrier on the highway to progress. We’re going to eliminate that barrier without damaging the highway,” he said.

Coleman said the slayings of the four American civilians triggered a rethinking of Marine strategy.

“The circumstances on the ground have changed…. Our operation as a result will change,” he said.

There was no indication Friday that a Marine incursion into Fallouja was near.

In Washington, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz briefed members of the House Armed Services Committee on plans for retaliation. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon), the committee’s chairman, said the classified briefing suggested that a reprisal could entail the use of U.S. air power.

I like the idea of using air power as well. With our precision weaponry sprinkled appropriately through the city it will make it safer for the Marines when they attack.

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