I Require Help With My Mother

I have a significant issue on my hands. My wee mum, as beautiful as she is, is hell bent on designing my room for me. Now this is not good because her taste in decor is awful with a capital A. I am in deep bother

I want my walls covered in all of my old posters in addition to a complete lot extra new ones…I had a significant collection of classic stuff…film boards and sports…jets and Marines…every one of the actually fantastic photographs. I looked at strategies to fill in the gaps…then in comes my brother Arn. He just laughs and says ‘man you’re so weak…that is all youngsters stuff you have got…genuinely sad bro.’ and off he goes.

I sneaked a peak at his new area and man alive what a set. I imply it was actually… Seriously cool…no BS. He had the wall covered in nicely not posters but stickers. Major remarkable wall decorations. I heard him coming back so ducked out…he don’t like no-one in his place…the back of my head will testify to that!

So I waited and when he went in I looked previous him and pretended a huge WOW BRO… This is AWSOME! He liked that bit. Anyway I asked him in which he got all of his cool wall kit and he stated on line at a internet site called wallstickers4u.com. I went out and ran to the laptop for a appear.

Nicely all he wasn’t just blowin’ smoke mate’…I looked at web-site and there it was in all its glory. I nearly purchased the lot.

I could pick from stuff for your wall as decorations…genuinely cool…wall stickers, wall stick-ups…art…decals and tats…all you need to do is select ‘em and stick ‘em. They even let you design your own personal…within reason dudes…leys preserve it clean…and you can have just about any size/colour/style whatever.

I ordered a couple to attempt them out…some Egyptian and Chinese kit. Not pricey in any way…didn’t hardly break the financial institution. But very best of all I showed the stuff I was buying to my mum…she loved it and said “Well if it’s what you genuinely want go for it.” She even chipped in £20.

So there you might have it peeps…all new type and all from wallstickers4u.com…my large brother was even impressed…I haven’t thrown out the other stuff…no way that is going ‘cause I may possibly come across one more household for it later…when I get my very own location or this kind of.

Anyway…I hope my small story gave you a smile and some ideas for your own spots. I would never have believed about wall stickers as decorations for my area had Arn not let it out the bag.
Cheers…website you much more laters…

How does this read mate…not as well weak…or girly ‘cause I know Jane and her sis study this and it may possibly get us a wee contact around the moby asking us to chill with them…let me know…Jake.

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