I Received a Letter from US Airlines for Two Free Tickets

I had to laugh when I received a notification letter from us airlines providing me two free of charge round-trip tickets. It mentioned all I had to complete was go to a “presentation” that would last 90 minutes. I mean actually, it had to be some form of fraud. I saved the letter though, to show my husband and give him a great laugh. He loves to determine the extent people will go to for a scam.

Picture my surprise when I showed him and he got all excited. I thought he had lost his mind! He really had been hoping we would obtain the letter. It appears one of his co-workers received the letter last month and is taking a trip subsequent month to Florida, using the totally free tickets. His co-worker was bragging and bragging about it. He was taking a nice vacation, and didn’t need to pay for the airfare.

My husband quickly known as the number within the letter to reserve seats at the 90-minute presentation. I was not too pleased about getting to sit and listen to a sales pitch for 90 minutes. We had carried out some time-share presentations. I was pleasantly pleased that the presentation was more about travel than a sales pitch. The speaker gave us beneficial details on locating the very best discount rates for hotels. We also learned the way to get tickets to attractions at decreased rates. Personally, I liked the ideas on traveling with children and pets. I’ve often wanted to travel with my pets, but have usually been too nervous to do it. Would they be secure? What are all the rules, and regulations? What paper work would I require? I located myself truly enjoying the 90 minute presentation. I did have a few questions when it was over, and she was pleased to answer them for me. The speaker was polite, professional, and very knowledgeable about travel. I learned so much in the presentation; it was properly worth my time. I truly would have paid them to go! That’s how informative it was. It seemed too great to be true, that they had been not just giving this presentation free of charge, but also giving me free airline tickets for going. Thankfully, it wasn’t too good to be accurate.

Soon after the presentation, they gave us the vouchers for two round-trip airline tickets. I was fairly impressed using the ease with the complete thing. I have travelled quite a bit more than the years, but I learned a few new tricks at the presentation.

When I received a notification letter from US Airlines for two free of charge tickets, I assumed that we would have 90 days or less to make use of them. I knew that we would have to just take a modest trip. Funds is fairly tight for us now; we had figured we would just take a few day trips with our vacation time. When we had been handed our tickets, we had been informed that we had as much as a year to redeem them! Since we have totally free airline tickets, with as much as a year to use them, we have decided to put off the vacation a bit, save some far more funds, and take a nice vacation. I know we deserve one. Plus with the cash saving suggestions that we learned in the presentation, we’ll have the ability to take an even nicer vacation.

I know get this incredible vacation and I also now know some incredible suggestions that may support us to usually save dollars whenever we go on vacation. All of this, all since I received a letter from us airlines, opened it, and followed the directions. You deserve a nice vacation too. I extremely suggest that whenever you get your notification letter from us airlines, do not throw it away, open the letter, call the number, visit the presentation, and take pleasure in an wonderful vacation with cost-free airline tickets.

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