I nearly did a dive course in Cairns

I don\’t usually get colds. When I do, they’re pretty bad, but usually I tend to be pretty healthy. So I should have guessed that my immune system would conspire against me to get sick the very week I was signed up for a 5-day PADI learn to scuba dive course on the
Great Barrier Reef. I took a gamble in attending my first day of the course, knowing that they conduct a dive medical to ensure your level of fitness prior to taking the course. And I got a clean bill of health too…until the doc failed my medical because she thought I’d have trouble with my ears due to my flu. They gave me no choice but to drop the course, thankfully giving me a full refund, and I suddenly found myself with 5 free days in Cairns. Needless to say, I had an instant craving for a cappucino and some travel brochures. Cairns also has a pretty impressive free swimming pool, so I thought I\’d work on my tan.

Yes, I’m a little bummed at the lost chance to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. Who wouldn’t be? But at least due to the change in my itinerary, I have some sparetime to get over my cold. And anyway, I don’t think I’ll have a problem finding something to occupy myself…I’ve already found some great shops within a block of my hostel. This little unplanned alteration of my itinerary has also freed up a few days to go snorkelling on the reef instead or have a go at bungee jumping, all activities that I can do in Cairns.

Oh really, come on, people – do you really think I would spend my entire vacation overseas holed up in a bookstore? Definately not! …Just an hour or so each day will be okay though…

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