I am Pleased I got Myself A More Satisfactory Job

I’m one of the small amount of individuals who can say that they really like their work. That’s not necessarily been true though and my last workplace was starting to end up like the office from hell for me caused by my manager having a difficulty with me from the first day I started working there. I don’t know what his difficulty was with me as I was great at my job, was never ever late and did not produce any issues but he often seemed to be picking on me.

It got to the stage where I had been starting to get ill as a result of all the anxiety brought on by it. There was times when I wished I could just call in sick and not bother going in in any respect but I knew that if I did he would basically make a big problem out of it. It was only when I was talking to a friend of mine that told me I didn’t really need to put up with this and we went on the net and looked up workplace harassment and then employment lawyers nsw and I felt a good deal better about my scenario.

The next day I got in contact with an individual about what I had been experiencing and they felt that I had a genuine case because I’d spoken up about it before but I was dismissed. Soon after some more incidents the company that I was employed by were informed that I would be departing and attempting to get a compensation package on account of the treatment that I had endured while working there. There was a bit of legal ups and downs but I did get what I was looking for and that allowed me to take the time to discover the ideal job for me.

I have been in this latest position now for a couple of months and I get on very well with my workmates and bosses and this has truly helped my work, there is also talk of progressing through the organization as they have been so amazed with my improvement. We all go out on regular nights out and that has genuinely helped create a terrific relationship between us and compared to my last job it couldn’t be more diverse.

I shudder to think whether or not I would still be in the same position if my good friend had not came round and talked me into doing something about the horrific circumstance.

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