How to select the perfect Cairns Reef Tour

A vacation to the Great Barrier Reef is for most a once in a lifetime event. So choosong the right Cairns Tours is very important. With many of different cruises to choose from as well as many different reef locations.

The Great Barrier Reef begins slightly south of the Tropic of Capricorn and goes north to end in the Torres Straight. Pretty much running along the entire East Coast of Queensland it covers 344000 square kilometres. It is the most extensive reef system and the biggest structure made by living organisms on the planet. A huge plethora of reef fish and marine life thrives in this marine park, all of which was built by one animal: the tiny coral “polyp”. Like building blocks, polyps huddle together forming corals that form the framework of the reefs ecology by providing food, shelter and hunting grounds for larger, more mobile creatures. Scuba diving and snorkelling is the ultimate way to view the reef, although if getting wet is not your thing, glass bottom “subs” and under water observatories will have you discovering the majesties of this amazing under water world.

The vibrant and lively capital of the far north, Cairns is alive with life and charm. Situated in the centre of some of the most environmentally beautiful and ecologically important areas in the world, Cairns is the gateway to the natural riches of rainforest, tablelands, outback, and The Great Barrier Reef. The city itself has many attractions – great shopping, theatres, casinos and fine international cuisine. Cairns is firmly established as one of Australia’s top travelers destinations, being the centre for a whole host of activities.

There are lots of exciting tourist attractions from Cairns out to its wonderful surrounds. A Great Barrier Reef vacation will almost always include Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling, Great Barrier reef diving, or at least wading around in shallow water, or walking on coral cays.

You need to be aware that The Great Barrier Reef has several very dangerous marine animals, so you need to be on your guard all the time you are walking on coral, in shallow water, snorkelling or diving.

The most common dangerous animals on the Great Barrier Reef includes jellyfish, various species of fish, sea snakes, octopus, and even some shellfish that can potentially be fatal to humans.

While this makes depressing reading, you must remember tens of thousands of people take a Great Barrier Reef vacation each year, and only a very few are unlucky, so be sensible, take precautions.

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