How to Get More from Your Company’s Twitter Based Customer Service

Twitter is pretty much the most popular social media website out there. It’s not just a way to tweet to your followers about your current activity; it is also a great tool for staying in touch with the people who decide to follow you after they buy from you. This is the truth: companies are using Twitter for customer service more and more often. This trend isn’t really new; it has been growing at the same pace that the Internet has been becoming more social. So then the question is, how can you use Twitter for your customer service needs? What all do you need to keep in mind if you want to get as much as possible from it? We will show you what you need to know in this article.

Making Real Time customer service available is one of the first things you should concentrate on. If you take advantage of Twitter in this manner, you can improve your brand by providing the best quality customer service. There might be a variety of concerns among your customers that should be addressed in a well-timed manner. When you provide real time customer service via Twitter, you tend to resolve complaints earlier. It gives you the upper hand over your competitors and allows you to take care of your customers more proficiently. Your customers will feel special when they see no delay in response from your end. Therefore you should stop making them sit and wait and allow Twitter to make your service much better than it has the potential to be. Offer a personal touch to the customer service that you can provide. Seeming robotic in your approach is a bad idea. It’s important that your customers know you really want to help them. It is important to go out of your way to give customers the very best customer
service possible to give them on Twitter. If your customers feel that you’re doing a good job, they will get back to you via Twitter again. The ultimate goal is to get Twitter to work as well for you as you can for your customer service. When you give special preference to each query you get, and provide a personalized experience, your customers will like you.

Your company’s image should synchronize with image of your customer service representative. When your customers offer you queries through Twitter they shouldn’t get confused. You should see to it that your activity is in sync and matches with your company’s brand. The more you streamline your approach, the better it is going to be for you. Beyond this, the bio on Twitter needs to be up to date with the personal information of your customer service representative and show what kind of connection they have to your company. You are ultimately trying to strengthen your brand here by giving top notch customer service. Don’t allow yourself to be lazy just because you are working with a social media site.

Even if you have only used Twitter a little bit, you should know just how much value can be delivered to your customers with it. The very best thing is that you do not even need to treat it like traditional customer service. It’s a good idea to view Twitter as a way to easily stay in touch with your buyers and clients. It is a platform for micro-blogging but it is so much more than that too. So, if you aren’t serving your customers through Twitter yet then it is time to get started with that. Plan these things out for yourself and and try to use these ideas to take action.

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