How to Find the Very Best Captain Jack Sparrow Costume

If you’re looking for a Captain Jack Sparrow costume, you’re not alone, as this has become a highly sought after outfit. You can go about finding this costume in a number of ways, depending on whether you want to buy, rent or make a costume. Here are some things to think about when you are ready to start shopping for your Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

When you buy a costume, you have to consider your budget before you go shopping. Costumes today can range from very inexpensive to costly, theater quality outfits. Before you buy a Captain Jack Sparrow costume, ask yourself how many occasions you will have to wear it. If it is only going to be worn once, a cheap costume might be all that you actually need, or you could even decide to rent one. On the other hand, maybe you really like the idea of dressing like Captain Jack Sparrow and want to invest in a quality costume that you can wear over and over. Only you can figure out how much the costume is worth to you, and this will depend on your future plans for wearing it, along with your budget.

Regardless of the sort of Captain Jack Sparrow costume you decide upon, you need to wear makeup too–to give your appearance the needed boost. If you have seen even one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, you’ll have noticed the amount of makeup worn by Johnny Depp, particularly his eye makeup.

You can help yourself look more piratey if you put some scars on your face too. It’s possible to find good makeup for these things both via your costume shop or on the Internet. Unless you have a lot of experience with makeup, it is a good idea to have another person put it on you, using either the movies or photos they’ve found online for inspiration. Makeup can be a really good way to help add some authenticity to your Captain Jack Sparrow costume.

When you want to be part of a group of friends who are dressing up, it is smart to coordinate your efforts. Everyone shouldn’t try to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow but there are lots of other supporting pirate roles people can play. Women also have plenty of fantastic choices in terms of costumes, especially if they decide to model themselves after Elizabeth Swann, the character portrayed by Keira Knightley in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. There are so many Elizabeth Swann costumes out there and when she is paired up with Captain Jack Sparrow, these two should make a fantastic couple. Another great role for men is Davy Jones, the villain with tentacles attached to his face. When
you’re looking for pirate-related roles to play and dress up as, you can’t go wrong choosing Davy Jones. Now you have some helpful ideas for finding a Captain Jack Sparrow costume. The thing that truly makes this sort of costume work is getting all of the details, like the dreadlocks, the hat, etc correct. This is the reason that, if you want to dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow, you really think about your costume and make sure that it includes as many of the authentic elements as possible.

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