How Kind Of Them

Iraqi Cleric Condemns Mutilation of Four Slain U.S. Civilians
How very kind of the imams to condemn the mutilation of the bodies but not the actual killings themselves. Seems a bit of a technicality once they’re already dead. The Marines seem set to clean out Fallujah and all I can say is bravo.

Religious leaders in this violent, restive town issued an edict today condemning the mutilation of the bodies of the four American civilians killed this week, but they stayed silent about the attack itself.

At Friday prayers, which attracted several thousands of people to Falluja’s mosques, the imams said that it was “haram,” the Arabic word for forbidden, for people to tear apart bodies as they had after the Americans were ambushed in downtown Falluja.

Sheik Ghazi Al Abid, a tribal leader, said he appreciated the message and that what happened was “really bad for our city and gives a bad name to the resistance.”

Meanwhile, Marine Corps forces continued to circle the city, though commanders said they had no intentions of venturing in.

UPDATE: Blackfive has a call out for an example of any Muslim clerics that denounced the killings from a few major events.

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