High Quality web 2.0 properties – The Difference is in the Quailty

If you’re in the Search engine optimization Biz or want to be I am sure you are like everyone else, you want to end up being ranked REALLY HIGH in the search engines, right? Well what’s the simplest way to do this? Ill give you a hint, its the thing that make LinkWheels work.

High Quality web 2 . 0.0 properties!

I know this not newer and more effective break through news to 99% of you but it’s true. Most people don’t understand that ranking a well built web 2.0 property is much easier then position your own site. Actually it’s not much easier it’s A LOT easier!

– Web 2.0 properties don’t work perfectly anymore? Or do they?

Web 2.0 properties were really warm a while back and they used to work miracles very easily. You just replicated an article from another person and get a few links to the property as well as BOOM you are ranked high in the search page results. But like usually people abused all of them and now if you don’t place some time into it these people don’t work as well.

That’s the purpose of this article; I am going to teach you how to build high quality web 2.0 qualities THAT WORK!

– What’s the fastest and easiest way to build high quality web 2.0 properties?

First you need to pick a good web 2.0 site. My favorite is squidoo simply because how simple it’s and how easy it is to customize it. It’s additionally one of the older ones and has a high spam tolerance so it has lots of authority in Google’s eyes. It is really tough to make a quick spammy blog/lens squidoo and not expect it to get deleted. That’s the reason why it’s perfect!

After you made a squidoo account and also got all the basics out of the way, it’s time to get started.

The first thing is to go find a 300+ word article about your subject and strip out all of the unnecessary fluff. Your ultimate goal is to stripe this down to about 100 words. Do this three times and then you should have 3 100 word articles that all are pretty unique.

Normally after I strip down the content articles I will use The Best Spinner to make them even more distinctive. It’s not necessary but it helps a lot.

Now in order to building the actual lens, I like to start off with “Big Arrow Link” as the first module you are able to put your website or affiliate link right here. After that its up to you, you can use your three articles anyway you like. There are numerous modules just play around with them tell you go you like. Heck, you can throw in some Youtube . com videos to spice up the actual lens (just make sure it’s near the bottom so it doesn’t draw attention away from the reader from clicking your link)

And that’s it, you just designed a high quality web 2.0 property. Stay tuned for part 2, its going to teach you the quickest and best ways to get your own lens indexed and ranked! – Provided by LinkWheels Services

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