Hemophilia: Know its how it is caused , indications and ways to cure it.

Bleeding disorders faced by an individual can be incorporated and named as Hemophilia. Hence Hemophilia is not the name of any one disease. It is an inherent disease which passes on to the children from one’s parents. It is basically of two types -Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B. The type of Gene mutation which happens is the chief delineation factor between both the types . The gene mutation which happens is the chief cause of bleedings. As most of the gene mutation occurs in the X chromosome, hence it takes place more in males with respect to females. It has been seen that every single male in the 5000 born, are sufferers of Hemophilia. One of the sites that handle this type of problems is what is haemophilia.

The types of hemophilia

Hemophilia A is widespread in comparison to Hemophilia B. Hemophilia is identified as a royal sickness due to the fact that Queen Victoria suffered from the same. It was later transmitted to the other royal families where her offspring’s had got married. One suffers from Hemophilia under conditions when the clotting mechanism of the individual is not working. The relentlessness of this disease is different from individual to individual. The amount of bleeding is determined upon the sort of mutation which has taken place between the genes. When the activity of the gene impairing factor is few than one percent it is said to be the most intense form, when in the range between one and five percent it is said to be moderate and one with greater than five percent are gentle Hemophilia cases. Hence it’s this factor which determines the intensity of the bleeding.
Individuals going through the agony of severe Hemophilia has the blood loss problems all the way from childhood itself. Its frequency can happen whichever point of time and can never be predicted . Those who suffer from gentle Hemophilia suffers from bleeding in circumstances when they meet with any mishaps with the hemophiliac.

Is it serious and dangerous?

The disease of Hemophilia is extremely risky as once the bleeding has begun it does not stop. This bleeding can happen in any region of the body. Gradually the organ which bleeds gets damaged as time passes by . The most frequently occurring type of Hemophilia is the Hemarthrosis where the bleeding occurs in between the joints. Small kids who have the traits of Hemophilia are found to bleed a lot while they have a new teeth coming . In other cases the bleeding can also happen in the gastro-intestinal tract. This leads to bleeding in excreta as well which is very hurting for the hemophiliacs.

One can find more about this disease in the various websites as well as the medical magazines which provide information on the same.

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